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We’re here to help you build the future you want for yourself and your family.

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About us

About Us

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My name is Raymond Blacklidge.

I am passionate about helping small business owners and their families achieve a secure financial future.

My son’s diagnosis of special needs led me to an unexpected and fulfilling career path.

Family Meal


Business owner life insurance is also a great way to keep your company afloat in good times and bad. It could be used to pay off your business debts, supplement cash flow and cover expenses needed to find your replacement if you died.

Likewise, if your business owner life insurance policy has a cash value component, you could tap into those funds to fuel tax-free business growth—even while you’re still alive.


Most people understand the primary benefits of having life insurance: Your family gets money if you die unexpectedly – and you get the reassurance of knowing they’ll have resources to help carry on without you. While those benefits are generally true for all kinds of life insurance, there are other important advantages depending on the specific type of policy and amount of coverage you get. There are also benefits for women, too.



Life Insurance Hattisburg

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