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Whole Life Polices

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Whole Life: the definite solution

When it comes to life insurance policies, the permanent strategy of whole life is the safest bet.

There is no risk of outliving the policy because it doesn’t pay if the insured dies, it pays when the insured dies.

Even if the insured lives longer than the maximum age (usually 100 to 120 depending on the carrier) the policy pays out the entire death benefit. If the owner of the policy pays the premiums the policy will not lapse. It is a guarantee that offers great peace of mind. Whole life also has extra benefits (including cash value and numerous other options available with riders.) There are some differences in whole life policies, but if you are interested in having protection for when you die then reach out to us at the Blacklidge Agency, LLC so that we can match you with the permanent policy that best fits your needs.


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