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Universal Life Policies

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Universal Life: the flexible option

When it comes to having freedom to adjust a life insurance policy to customize to your protection and financial needs, universal life is the perfect option.

Universal life policies can grow cash value faster than regular whole life policies. They can be structured to produce tax-free retirement income or to accumulate cash value to spend on life’s big events (marriage, college, etc.). They give the policyowner the flexibility to adjust the death benefit and premium amounts.

There are different types of universal life policies that allow the insured to build cash at a more rapid rate based on the risk the policyowner is willing to take. Universal life policies are tied to the stock market but are a safer investment than many other financial products.

Reach out to us at the Blacklidge Agency, LLC if you are interested in learning more about how universal life can work for you.


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